Lot 180

"Burnt Offerings" by John Frazee

Estimate: $500 - $750

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Height 72" in. x 24: in. John Frazee is a Miami | New York Visual Artist. His "Burnt Offerings" serie began as an addendum to a series of sculptures he was working on at the time. Quite satisfied with the results, the charring, the smoke bubbling, cracking, wonderfully unexpected affects. Still, he wanted more. Visualizing an old Southern barn or silo where locals would find grandiose images of the virgin Mary or Jesus in the aged, stained, rusted patterns in these structures. Ghostly remains of residents long gone. This series is at a point where subjects are all taking on lives of their own. He said, "as I feel the characters portrayed become hauntingly real. I begin by preparing my boards with several layers of paint, stucco or other textures or use previously prepared surfaces to fit my need. Then sketch out my idea onto the piece. At this moment it is only an idea. I was using propane, butane or basically anything that will burn," and he said "I attack the surface. Yes, it is dangerous! I create patterns, fields of color and smoke, allowing levels of decay and destruction to accumulate. At the same time controlling the work in progress by committing myself to details which bring life and personality to my subject. If I must give it a label, expressionism would probably fit this current series, as the color pallet forbids me to call it impressionism. I wish to have the figures I have created there, yet not quite there, vividly alive and yet prisoners of the past, living in a dimension between the blank board I began with and the completed character I have awoken."

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